Month: May 2019

Bvlgari DIVAS’ DREAM Earrings make your sexy ear lobe more beautiful

Bvlgari DIVAS’ DREAM Earrings make your sexy ear lobe more beautiful

Many female friends always relatively keep a low profile in choosing earrings and hope to choose those simple styles. This will not only allow them to show a higher-end temperament but also make their sexy ear lobe more charming. In fact, when choosing a ring, The overall style is a little special, or the design is a bit stronger, but it will make people themselves become better looking, there is no simple type that should not be too rigid, Bvlgari DIVAS’ DREAM earrings hope that everyone has a completely different. It feels like there are simple effects in the grand design style. For women who like simple effects, this Bvlgari DIVAS’ DREAM earrings, while seemingly very complex, but the overall line is particularly smooth, the pursuit of simple style can also be met, and two big rubies, can make their own very sexy features presented, so for the girls who very like sexy style, this earring is definitely very suitable, do not look is a red jewel, feel the color is particularly strong, with clothes can be said to be very nice, Because the red color contrasts the skin tone, it can also be worn well with clothing. Two oval ruby weighs 3.70 carats with two brilliant cut diamonds. The overall weight is 1.15 carats. The match between the diamonds is just right. The bread-cut ruby weighs 2.06 carats. There are 1.14 carats diamonds, the overall diamond mosaic can be said to be quite generous, and the color match is also just right, red and transparent gem matching, you can show a more succinct effect, but also can make color-fresh feeling is stronger, so that our visual effects will not be too shocking, and the red color will not be too strong.

The Bvlgari family’s style is usually found in this detail a lot of features, it does not feel very special when people first look at it, but after careful study, they found this Bvlgari DIVAS’ DREAM earrings are completely different, so the Bvlgari family has always hoped that through this simple style, so that everyone can see the different details, through a lot of details, you can show the difference in this jewelry and make everyone feel special temperament, but also for the diamond inlay has its own exclusive technology, cutting quite high-end.

So you want to make yourself more beautiful and want to make your ear lobe sexier. The red diamonds create the sexiest and charming style, so you can have a luxurious and elegant appearance if you come to the light and luxurious style. The unique temperament, the light and luxurious style which allows you to feel the higher quality, so if you want to achieve this effect and just come to the light and luxurious style.

Bvlgari DIVAS’DREAM series Necklace fully shows classic elements

Bvlgari DIVAS’DREAM series Necklace fully shows classic elements

A necklace directly shows the taste of a woman and directly shows whether a woman loves herself. In fact, any woman wants to be able to make herself beautiful, but not every woman has confidence. While you are beautiful, you also need to let the gems bring you a brightening effect. The Bvlgari DIVAS’ DREAM series necklace can not only make you more confident but also can show the classic elements because of this treasure. Bvlgari’s necklace completely displays the design style of the Bvlgari family. Through the connection of colorless diamonds, the shape of the overall shape is a very classic fan shape of the Bvlgari family. All the cutting processes are the most classic bright cuts of the Bvlgari family, with round brilliant cut diamonds, pavé set. The diamond weighs 11.83 carats, the main diamond reaches 3.90 carats, the material is 18k white gold, the overall color is very transparent, and the diamond’s coolness is also very good, so for this classic necklace, not only shows the treasure The most important element of the Bvlgari family’s classic elements is to make woman’s purity and whiteness innumerable diamonds, and the overall effect shows the various styles. Bvlgari’s DIVAS’ DREAM series necklaces hope that through the unique design and combination of classics, all women can feel the impact of the classic to their own, but also to this classic style to give them a better charm if choosing this necklace, many people may be fancy this fan-shaped classic shape, and the entire circle of the necklace is designed through this shape, 18k white gold, but also play a very dotting role it.

As an Italian jewelry brand, Bulgari is now world famous. Since it was born for more than 120 years, it has always been a very bold design, and the overall style has always been the pursuit of innovation, and now the world’s celebrities are very fond of the quality of Bvlgari is now sought after by many nobles of the palace, and the unique style can also make people feel Bvlgari has always been an innovative element, so this necklace is also an important process of the Bvlgari family, but also on behalf of the design philosophy of the Bvlgari family.

Therefore, if you want to feel the charm of this classic, and feel the classic vicissitudes and brilliance of the Bvlgari family. You must choose the light and luxurious style. It not only gives you the most wonderful enjoyment, but also the key that the light and luxurious style can make you feel the infinite charm and make you become more confident, so if you want to have a charming temperament, you must go to the light and luxurious style

Cartier’s New Résonances de Cartier Fine Jewelry Collection

Cartier’s New Résonances de Cartier Fine Jewelry Collection

The new Résonances de Cartier collection of high-quality jewels features a selection of precious gemstones that underscore their unique personality with a sparkling glow. Cartier jewelry is always capable of making amazing artwork. Quickly watch along with the Xiaobian!


Cartier’s Résonances de Cartier luxury jewelry series ORBITE ring, 18K white gold, 1F VS 1st-grade half-moon diamond, 5.02 carats weight, 1F VS 2nd-grade half-moon diamond, 4.72 carats, trapezoidal cut ruby, brilliant cut diamonds.

Cartier has a unique aesthetic of diamond craftsmanship, rigorous selection of precious stones containing personality, with a unique cutting process interpretation of rhyme jewelry. On this mirror-like mirror, one-to-many-faceted half moon diamonds bloom transparent and pure. Red and white alternate with a fascinating rhythm, like a gentle sip.


Cartier’s  Résonances de Cartier Fine Jewelry Collection CLAIR OBSCUR ring. Platinum, 1 Fancy Black pear-shaped diamond, 2.73 carats weight, 1 E IF-grade pear-shaped diamond, 2.05 carats weight, black lacquer, brilliant cut diamonds.

The rare black diamond captures the light of each angle and turns into a vibrant wave of light between the cut surfaces. Master Cartier jewelry craftsman masters this mysterious creation with a white diamond, commensurate with black and white, inspiring endless energy transmission, giving birth to strength and movement.



Cartier’s Résonances de Cartier Fine Jewelry Collection Infinite Motion Ring in Platinum, 1 Fancy Intense Pink VS Grade 1 Pear-Shaped Diamond, Weight 2.18 Carats, 1 Fancy Intense Blue VS Grade 2 Pear-Shaped Diamond, 2.03 carats Weight, Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Cartier selected a pair of magnificent Fancy Intense gemstones to decorate this classic piece: a 2.18 carats pink diamond and a 2.03 carats blue diamond, echoing each other in shape and shape, giving it a sense of harmony and beauty. . Complementary colors and extended intertwining lines make the beautiful diamond gestures and complex mosaics seamless.

éCUME Necklace / Pendant
Cartier’s Résonances de Cartier Fine Jewelry Collection é CUME Necklace / Pendant in Platinum, 3 Fancy Yellow/Fancy Light Yellow drop-cut diamonds, total weight 74.24 carats, oval diamonds, drop-cut diamonds, natural pearls, rose-cut diamonds, Brilliant cut diamond.
Dazzling light, waves, spectacular waterfalls, refreshing atmosphere… Beautiful shapes make you feel at home. The overall design of the work is unfolded around the central motif and is decorated with continuous and delicate decoration. The three drop-shaped cut yellow diamonds bloom bright colors, giving the work a lively life. The jewels commensurate with it contain a wonderful glow and transmit dynamic power. Yellow drop-shaped cut diamonds on either side of the central drop-shaped diamond can also be worn on the earrings.


RHYTHMIC Necklaces / Brooches

Cartier’s Resonances de Cartier advanced jewelry series RHYTHMIC Necklaces/brooches, platinum, 1 E VS 1 shield diamond cutting, 10.08 carats weight, 1D VS 2 improved shield shaped cutting diamond, 1.04 carats weight, 1D VS 1 modified hexagonal slope diamond, 1.33 carats, diamond balls, 54 heavy, 54 .43 carats, bright cut diamond.

Precious stones are breathtaking, releasing vitality and moving like waves. This breathtaking and beautiful style shows a distinct style. The artistic design brings the fresh strength and radiance of the beautiful diamond. The central part can also be detachable and worn alone as a brooch.


HYPERBOLE Necklaces/corona

Cartier’s Resonances de advanced Cartier jewelry series HYPERBOLE Necklace/crown, 18K platinum, 1 occipital Columbia emerald, 140.21 carats heavy, bright cut diamond.

A convex Columbia emerald, with its weight and striking color, is admirable. The style of the work is simple and neat, and it blossoming beautiful and moving green light under the diamond. This emerald becomes the center of the rhythmic pattern, extending the power and movement. The necklace can also be worn as a crown.



Cartier’s Resonances de Cartier high jewelry series Eurythmie bracelet, 18K rose gold, lapis lazuli, bright cut diamond.

On the front side, a continuous pattern of diamonds glittering in the wrist; on the back, the deep lapis lazuli and the rose gold and diamond contrast against each other. Just turn the wrist lightly, this flexible soft bracelet will change from day to night, from warm color to quiet shadow.


Cartier’s Résonances de Cartier Twisting Light Bracelet in 18K White Gold, 2 G SI 1/SI 2 Improved Triangular Cut Diamonds, 4.72 Carats Total Weight, Natural Crystal, Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

Dazzling light travels between the twisting curves of this bracelet. The natural crystal and the two conical diamonds embedded in the hollow mirror mutually reflect each other. The rays of light shine in the clear shapes and rhythmic patterns.

A gentle touch of delicate gemstones brings a breath-like rhythm that resonates with each other to reflect the brilliance. The beauty of the model makes each piece lifelike, the inner pulsation is endless, and the eternal waves are endless, composing a rhythm full of vitality. From one work to another, the flowing vitality is infinitely transmitted, such as electric light, trembling, and stroking, which inspires sensual enjoyment.

The everlasting desert flower of Cartier!

The flowers of the desert in Cartire are full of such resolute cactus flowers in the desert. Cartier uses this characteristic to design desert flowers.

Cartier’s Cactus de Cartier series rings, 18K gold, lapis lazuli, inlaid with 55 round bright cut diamonds, weighing 0.28 carats.

18K gold is a staircase, decorated with purple flowers made of lapis lazuli, with full solid sense, 55 round bright cut diamonds all around the flower decoration around the upper surface of the whole ring. The whole ring’s thickness is moderate and smooth, which increases its comfort.

Cartier’s Cactus de Cartier series necklace, 18K gold, lapis lazuli, inlaid with 61 round bright cutting diamonds, weighing 0.42 carats.

Two 18K gold cactus shaped pendants are large and small, linked up and down. The total necklace is inlaid with 61 brilliant cut diamonds, total weight of 0.42 carats. The slightly larger cactus decoration is located below the necklace, with purple lapis lazuli as petals, four diamonds in the center as stamens, and the rest of the diamonds are set on the upper surfaces of the two pendants. The double-set chain balances the outstanding feel of the two straps, without compromising the overall complexity. It can create a sexy, mysterious image for the wearer. Specially designed with geometric lines, exquisite decoration, and abundance of styling, the cactus that appears to be a thousand miles away will show three unique styles.

Cartier’s Cactus de Cartier bracelet, 18K yellow gold, lapis lazuli, diamond, set with 146 round brilliant cut diamonds, total weight 0.70 carats.

Cartier’s Cactus de Cartier necklace, 18K yellow gold, set with 6 round brilliant cut diamonds, total weight 0.39 carats.

The color of gold is not as low as imagined. Instead, it has more tenderness than water. It is the fortitude of such a desert flower, would like it!

Cartier Launches First Home Product Series Chloé that Launches 2017 Winter Pixie Handbag Series

The designer stated that the series of this works has an important symbolic meaning,namely is to collect every meaningful moment in life. The Series of home products will be on sale in September.

Cartier Launches the First Home Product: Home Collection

Nowadays, most brands emphasize the attachment of certain attributes of lifestyle. How to visualize this concept and develop a lifestyle brand seems to be a hurdle. In recent days, Cartier, the jewelry brand with hundreds of years of history in the United States, has also released the first home series in the history–Home Objects Collection–including candles, candlesticks, photo frames, trays and cutlery. With the theme of “art de vivre (art of living)”, these vessels inherit the colors of Cartier’s classic designs and their brief outline. designers stated this series of works that has an important symbolic meaning–collecting every meaningful moment in life. Series of home products will be on sale in September.

Chloé Launches 2017 Winter New Pixie Handbag Collection

Several consecutive It Bag were launched, which led to Chloé’s hugely popular image deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Whenever there is news of a new bag, there is always a great deal of attention. Moreover, the upcoming 2107 winter Pixie series bags did not succumb to “predecessors” in terms of appearance.

Pixie handbags come in two sizes, with round and saddle shapes. This series of product has exquisite shoulder straps, and also has a metal bracelet similar to the bag style of Nile , which is entirely made of calfskin and has a U-shape near the front of the metal bracelet. It not only presents a different texture of the leather texture, but also has a “doubled effort” in color matching–based on green, dark red, coffee red, pearl beige, and muddy yellow, the different shades of the suede are used to reconcile each other to get ten different color combinations of Pixi Series bags. This series of bags on sale in the store in September this year.

Alexander Wang Secondary Line T by Alexander Wang Releases 2017 Fall Winter Collection

Regarding T by Alexander Wang’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, you can think of it as a designer’s annual pop–note, and don’t deny that the designer has done a new interpretation in his own way. Because pajama wind once occupied the street shooting layout, and Alexander Wang’s silk sling made a fold treatment, the two sides with different thickness of the shoulder strap, originally it is the style of dress, but matched with a pair of furry boots, Rivet boots with cashmere wrap skirt also matched in the same way; loose silk suits and PVC stilettos have also led the trend of their own, the combination of both cool and beautiful; technology fabric jacket with plush to create novelty; and appeared in the men’s wear field showed tight pants the designer’s non–gender design concept, straight-leg wide-leg pants is only a side or frontal split.