Cartier: Creating extraordinary in ordinary

Cartier has always been at the cutting edge of the times, with a passion to show extraordinary ideas, and then lead the fashion trend. Back in the vigorous and vibrant era of the 1970s, free spirit strikes the whole of New York. Cartier followed this trend, kept their hearts filled with it, and obsessed with its charm. Its influence was unrivaled. This leading and incisive sharp intuition has given Cartier a variety of bold ideas that the world has witnessed.

The design concept of the first Juste un Clou was proposed by New York

jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo in the 1970s. His fantastic jewelry design once again reveals the beauty of its most concise form, allowing people who wear it might show his truth. Juste un Clou series has the power of original fashion. Whether wear on his or her wrists, they can become a symbol of the vivid depiction of rebellious spirit and personality. The elliptical design of the bracelet is matched with the nail-head, which perfectly displays the elegant spirit and vitality, unparalleled strength and pure design. Aldo Cipullo seemingly is a magical designer work for Cartier changed ordinary hardware into jewelry that transcended the ordinary.

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