Cartier Launches First Home Product Series Chloé that Launches 2017 Winter Pixie Handbag Series

The designer stated that the series of this works has an important symbolic meaning,namely is to collect every meaningful moment in life. The Series of home products will be on sale in September.

Cartier Launches the First Home Product: Home Collection

Nowadays, most brands emphasize the attachment of certain attributes of lifestyle. How to visualize this concept and develop a lifestyle brand seems to be a hurdle. In recent days, Cartier, the jewelry brand with hundreds of years of history in the United States, has also released the first home series in the history–Home Objects Collection–including candles, candlesticks, photo frames, trays and cutlery. With the theme of “art de vivre (art of living)”, these vessels inherit the colors of Cartier’s classic designs and their brief outline. designers stated this series of works that has an important symbolic meaning–collecting every meaningful moment in life. Series of home products will be on sale in September.

Chloé Launches 2017 Winter New Pixie Handbag Collection

Several consecutive It Bag were launched, which led to Chloé’s hugely popular image deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Whenever there is news of a new bag, there is always a great deal of attention. Moreover, the upcoming 2107 winter Pixie series bags did not succumb to “predecessors” in terms of appearance.

Pixie handbags come in two sizes, with round and saddle shapes. This series of product has exquisite shoulder straps, and also has a metal bracelet similar to the bag style of Nile , which is entirely made of calfskin and has a U-shape near the front of the metal bracelet. It not only presents a different texture of the leather texture, but also has a “doubled effort” in color matching–based on green, dark red, coffee red, pearl beige, and muddy yellow, the different shades of the suede are used to reconcile each other to get ten different color combinations of Pixi Series bags. This series of bags on sale in the store in September this year.

Alexander Wang Secondary Line T by Alexander Wang Releases 2017 Fall Winter Collection

Regarding T by Alexander Wang’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, you can think of it as a designer’s annual pop–note, and don’t deny that the designer has done a new interpretation in his own way. Because pajama wind once occupied the street shooting layout, and Alexander Wang’s silk sling made a fold treatment, the two sides with different thickness of the shoulder strap, originally it is the style of dress, but matched with a pair of furry boots, Rivet boots with cashmere wrap skirt also matched in the same way; loose silk suits and PVC stilettos have also led the trend of their own, the combination of both cool and beautiful; technology fabric jacket with plush to create novelty; and appeared in the men’s wear field showed tight pants the designer’s non–gender design concept, straight-leg wide-leg pants is only a side or frontal split.


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