How Much Is Bulgari Serpentine Ring?

When we saw “The Farmer and Snake”, the image of a snake in our mind was contemptuous and abominable. When we look at Aesop’s Fables, we are sorry for Eve and Adam’s sympathy. At the same time, we are full of contempt for that snake. But in ancient Egyptian parables, the serpent was the embodiment of wisdom and a sign of strength and courage for those who were eager for a new life. They are eager to gain strength from the serpents and longing for comfort in the serpents. In their view, the serpent is the responsibility and interpretation of all wisdom. So Bvlgari was deeply influenced by the essence of ancient Egyptian culture and had the most affectionate preference for snakes. Especially in the use of snake elemental jewelry, Bvlgari’s eclectic and daring aesthetic was even more loved and sought after by the world. It has been strongly sought after that Queen Victoria has loved the serpentine element of jewelry during Queen Victoria’s administration. In Queen Victoria’s opinion, snakes are the embodiment of wisdom and power. Wearing them can drive evil spirits and demons, and can show more strength and courage. Queen Victoria has been advocating the concept of wisdom and governance, which has also allowed snake-shaped jewelry to flourish. The Bvlgari snake-shaped ring, when used in snake elements, can be said to bring woman’s wisdom and femininity into full play. For a woman, having a ring of her own is not only a symbol of the heart but also the responsibility and obligation to enter the family. Contemporary women not only have the thinking of traditional women but also have the fighting spirit of the times. For them, the serpentine ring is a symbol of wisdom domineering, is the interpretation of the adult ladylike woman, they arbitrarily challenge the authority, they are bold The bold style of dress is not only because of their courage and their obsession but also because of the wisdom in their minds. Therefore, Bvlgari inlaid snake elements in the jewelry, through the refraction of jewelry, giving women domineering, but also give women more wisdom and spirituality.


For women, having a serpentine ring is a relief of charisma and a need for wisdom. It is the spiritual pillar that women have given to the times and is the embodiment of a woman’s desire to go to society. The Bvlgari serpentine ring is given to women. This eagerness and courage, with its exquisite craftsmanship and ingenious craftsmanship, inspired the woman with the courage and charm of the soul. However, high prices make many people discourage them. So you can come to the Luxuryvca customization company. It is a jewelry company specializing in high-definition, with its many years of industry reputation and years of craftsmanship, for countless lovers have designed jewelry accessories that are suitable for them.

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